Merry  ArtToones,  M.F.A."Great Steed of Greed"

Stoneware Paperclay; cone 6



This piece began with anger ....a useful catalystI kept thinking that pig of a lie won’t fly!.”  Then the Bail-Out hit the news and sent the narrative in a different direction.  I had already developed a character called an “Empty JESTure”.  A play on the words ‘jesture’ and ‘gesture’. It evolved from a morning muse on the tendency in the culture to replace meaningful action with empty gesture.  An Empty JESTure, is rotund, hollow, cartoonish, He usually has a hole where his spine used to be.   He is armless; after all he will take no action.  He will however gesture with his jester hat. I also borrowed Lewis Carroll’s white rabbit. He is  observant, too late aware and often in big trouble.



         Sooo, it came about...a ponderous piggy bank with tiny wings ridden by an Empty JESTure. This JESTure gestures with his jester hat.  The front two hat arms hold  a grinning carrot and a sickly bluebird of happiness.

          Lewis Carroll’s  tale,  “Alice Through the Looking Glass” came to mind.   In it a walrus entices oysters from their safe seabed to the shore with a promise of a treat… Of course the older Oysters know better...but the young ones eagerly hop on the shore.  The lying walrus intones:  The time has speak of many things:  of shoes, and ships...and sealing-wax, Of cabbages—and kings—And why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings!”  The walrus eats the hapless oysters despite their protestations that, “After such kindness, that would be a dismal thing to do!” In Carroll’s take, the walrus weeps and sympathizes as he picks out the largest oyster to swallow  first.  In my tale the walrus supervises the bail out, sitting confidently next to the slot in the pigs back.

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         Ahh, but go to the rear! The other hand holds a glittery nest — a lovely blue nest egg within!  Ahh, but look closer! That’s not a hand! It’s a snake!  The rabbit is there, in trouble as usual, crushed beneath the weighty head.  Just to add to the chuckles, the pigs tail is a giant fish hook and a chain from nose to ear is juxtaposed with daisy décor.  And since enough is not enough, numerous weeping, hand-wringing mimes sprawl across the pig’s hide.  All this stands on a gilt edged base covered with carrot tiles...but there’s more to find .

Text Box:

       Ahh, but there stands Thunderfoot!  Her thought bubble offers a remedy, “Take two pills and call God in the morning.”  The other side prescribes the exact pills, “Introspection and Circumspection.”  Her backpack contains a magnifying glass to read the fine print.  Enjoy, ponder, muse.

Ruffles Some Feathers"

Stoneware Paper Clay; cone 6

22”H x 32” x 26”

By Merry Arttoones, M.F.A.


How about this nest egg? A grossly oversized happy face balloon decorated with atrociously whimsical turtles picking daisies rests? in a chaotic nest of hands offering various  worldly tidbits.  Among the offerings are a pair of new  plastic tits, Viagra, a plate of lips, a new pair of high heels,  money bags. Oh, there are  lots of tidbits to find.

             But the Bluebird of happiness,  an eye sewn shut , lest she see, is determined  to hatch? nurture? enable? It.  

Meanwhile, the Haz Mat Team, aka Thunderfoot children, discuss  rescue and clean up strategies.  Merry Sue Thunderfoot carries a diagnosis manual, Orwell’s “1984”.




Ahh, but walk to the other side!


     Ahh, but walk to the other side!  The happy face balloon is full of hot air!  Evidence...the Pinocchio nose and the shit eating grin!  Feathers have indeed been ruffled!  And miracle? An eye is opened. Even the happy face sheds a tear of awareness.  The nest, once colored a gaudy blue has taken on a visceral hue (turned its world inside out?).   There is the white rabbit….in trouble again.  The magpie has arrived to raise the alarm, to awaken the sleeping, to nag the heart.

Text Box: Narrative Sculpture: Ceramic and Bronze

By Merry Arttoones, M.F.A.


Figurative Narrative  Sculpture:  Ceramic & Bronze by Merry Arttoones, M.F.A.  E-Mail:

Ceramic Figurative Sculpture by Merry Arttoones, M.F.A.

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