“Queen of Hearts Walking Her Lap Rabbit”

“Adrift:  No Oar, No Rudder”

“Pie in the Sky”

“From the Heartland”

“Thunderfoot Muses”

Merry  ArtToones,  M.F.A.

Ceramic Art  Sculpture:  Ceramic & Bronze by Merry Arttoones, M.F.A.   E:mail: charles 2721@msn.com

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Text Box: "TYRANNY:  
A Theory of Nice"

             This piece was a long time coming.  Did the top figure first...didn’t like any of the glazing I’d tried. Sooo when things aren’t going right, experiment!  I’d been doing a lot of lost wax cast bronzes and loved the mottled green patinas. Found a Sculpt Nouveau product that incorporates bronze/copper dust in an epoxy resin... You paint it  on the fired clay.  Then you have about  24 hours to lay on cold patinas, before the epoxy cures and seals the metal dust. Repeat this step until you run out of resin...or  the sculpture cries Uncle!  Result!?  Unless you touch it you can’t tell its not old weathered bronze.


             Still, the Muse nagged, “It needs more.” Sooo...Poor JESTure lay on its side in my studio yard, year after year.   Homeless!  

           Three years he waited, while other sculptures held my attention.  Finally, began a  piece  with a vague idea of a Sheep being crushed by a huge thumb...kept humming the Rolling Stone’s “Under My Thumb”. Thought of the arm of an Empty JESTure, hence the harlequin  décor.   Had fun carving characters into the green sections of the arm and snake textured smiley faces into the yellow.



By Merry Arttoones, M.F.A.

Stoneware Paperclay, cone 6, & assemblage, 56”x32”x32”

E-mail Merry Arttoones at charles2721@msn.com

         But that darn Muse, nagged, “it needs more!“  Had a gumball machine from a garage sale drive by. But the metal was bright red…Soooo... burned the paint off the aluminum with a torch, sealed  it painted it with Sculpt Nouveau’s bronze dust epoxy resin, patinaed it and filled it with smiley faces! Now that JESTure lieing out in the yard had a home , a perch, a sinister purpose.

Left Arrow: Studio Process, applying underglazes

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“Through the Belly of the Whale”

           And the Muse, still said “More!” So Huckleberry Thunderfoot came along to save the day and take out that Tyranny of  Nissseness Gumball Machine.   (Read with a hiss!).   Empty JESTure got a world in his left Hand and the hidden Jester hat hand got a  B-9 (Read Benign!)  bingo ball.  And the whole thing got a gilded/throne base of porcelain cast Bingo cards.  Sooo... three plus years later...and a lot of hard work and experimentation later, the piece was finally finished. And  art collector, Sandy Besser wanted to know, why the price was so high!    Gee...  thought I was charging way below minimum wage!!  So hey!!!  It’s still for sale!  Contact me for the price.  In the meantime, enjoy, muse, ponder. And have a good chuckle at the absurdity of it all. 

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