Merry  ArtToones,  M.F.A.

Figurative CERAMIC & BRONZE Narrative  Sculpture:  Ceramic & Bronze by Merry Arttoones, M.F.A.     Art Toones


Text Box: The Bronze Page

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Text Box: I also work in Bronze… all of my bronzes are one of a multiples...all the wax work is done in my studio...for the shell mold and actual pour I get with some other sculptors and we do that dangerous hot work together at Pima Community College.  I prefer clay because it is more I try to use the bronze to create images that would be too fragile in clay.    I also will add bronze appendages to predominately clay pieces when they need some fragile appendages.












The shell mold         Grinding off the bottom    The dark ring is the wax

                                  So the wax can burn out

I thought I’d do some nice little 12” bronze figures...that was the plan nice little sellable size bronze figures.. HAA!  The muse had other plans!...Sooo  soon that simple Salome with screw-you hairdo,  dancing with Lady Liberty’s head on a plate needed more...

Statue of License

 Then as I was working on Tyranny’s gumball machine ( See Gallery III) and I had an extra machine, but had broken the glass...But that cog fit perfectly where the glass globe had been!!! The machine part is made of aluminum so I had to seal the aluminum and then paint the mechanism with epoxy and bronze dust...a great   Sculpt Nouveau product...after that applied cold patinas to match the bronze to the aluminum…  When I was all finished the machine part still worked!  But put your quarter in and you get nothing… Hey!!! Isn’t that the  world’s new definition of a “working plan” ?  Oh I do a political rant here...nah...just  do what you do best ...make art...

more bronzes

And  of course it needed a rabbit emerging from his rabbit hole  (does this make me an “Emerging Artist”?  Hey Ceramic Monthly attention!!!)   As usual the rabbit, the observer within the piece,  is  aware and horrified.  But how to make his rabbit hole??  The year before I found at a salvage yard some lovely big pieces of green marble which looks so beautiful with a Tiffany Green Patina from Sculpt Nouveau...trimmed the marble out with wood from an old frame…


So here she is the little 12” bronze figure grown to a 41 “ tall.  The  Muse insisted.

Text Box: Here’s some shots of a small part of the  Lost Wax Cast bronze process.  To the right is a shell mold under that is the original sculpture in wax.  
Right Arrow: Burn out Kiln
Left Arrow: Yeah that’s me in the silver suit...ready to work burnout kiln
Right Arrow: The Pour
Left Arrow: Yeah ,that’s me Welding
Left Arrow: Working Burn Out Kiln

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